💻Our architecture

Jaypigs is a front-end rentals marketplace as well as a Software Development Kit destined to blockchain games and other dApps for easy integration. We provide the infrastructure for different actors in the ecosystem to provide easy, seamless cross-chain NFT Renting offering the best user experience out there. The Toolkit provided by Jaypigs will include the following:

  • npm package for NodeJS integrations;

  • An NFT rentals API, including Jaypigs specific market data and activity;

  • Extensive documentation on how to use Jaypigs SDK and API in order to integrate NFT Rentals into your platform.

Our architecture ensures decentralization through our smart contracts deployments. In addition to that, we are determined to provide fast data availability through our SDK/API. This is important to get access to blockchain data, ERC4907 specific data, marketplace activity, as well as many other parts of blockchain data.

As displayed in the image above, the user interacts directly with the smart contracts to make transactions on-chain. In addition to this, we offer the possibility for projects to create a rental marketplace based on our backend and smart contracts.

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