Our vision & our strategy
The world of blockchain technologies, web3 and crypto assets has seen wide adoption lately. The number of users, holders, investors and collectors of such assets has been growing exponentially. We have witnessed decentralized finance bringing utility to blockchains. We have seen NFTs become mainstream. The possibilities are immense, and the journey is just starting.
Our mission at Jaypigs is to bridge the worlds of DeFi and NFTs. Jaypigs protocol aims to provide the base layer for different NFT projects in order to create utility and earn yield. We are ready to fully laverage the interoperability of blockchain protocols to bring DeFi liquidity into the NFT world.
In order to achieve our mission, we are determined to create a true DeFi Hub for NFTs. One that is geared towards retail investors, collectors but also NFT & Gaming projects. We provide NFT collectors different options to gain yield on their assets. At the same time, we offer NFT projects a seamless, easy way to bring utility and add value to their collections.
We are aware that DeFi mechanisms of lending/borrowing/staking are incompatible with illiquid non-fungible assets. While other protocols try to force NFTs into these older models, we are innovating to create and experiment. This is what blockchain technologies are made for. Our strategy is to are empowering our platform with 3 main technologies that we believe will change the way we view NFT utility and usability:
  • NFT Staking: Put your NFTs to work through our platform. Start gaining yield on your assets without the risk of liquidation.
  • Borrow against your NFTs: Do you need liquidity?
  • Revenue sharing Mechanism: We share revenue with users according to the value they bring to the protocol.
Last modified 1yr ago