👀Our vision

How we view the the short, medium and long term.

We believe that blockchain technology will allow a new world based on decentralisation and trust. This will forge the way -for the first time in history- to a full scale financial layer of the internet. NFTs are the first iteration of different types of assets being tokenized on-chain. They may actually become the representation of all form of property on the internet. At Jaypigs, we are actively participating in this revolution. We are bringing our stone to the edifice of the next decentralised world.

Our contribution is the new NFT-centered Decentralized Finance. Our mission at Jaypigs is to increase the composability of NFTs and assets on blockchains. Our goal is to create a world where digital assets are easily used accross all games and applications, and where applications can easily become composable. By doing that, we are effectively, for the first time, creating a new iteration of DeFi through NFTs.

  • Our short-term vision: We would like to start creating ways for earning yield on NFTs as soon as possible. This is why creating a marketplace which shares revenues with its users was a priority to us. We feel that a project has to bring value instantly, and get battle tested by coming to the market as soon as possible. We would like to create tangible products, and create bridges with our community to understand their concerns and ameliorate our vision;

  • Our medium-term vision: Jaypigs will be THE DeFi hub for NFTs. Full stop. Communities will demand their favourite NFT projects to make a Jaypigs integration in order for them to add utility to their assets. This will bring enormous benefits to communities, and will bring DeFi liquidity to NFTs. This will be achieved through a system of authenticated NFT copies. Our smart contracts will be the the medium of interoperability between digital assets. This is further enhanced by cross-chain integration.

  • Our long-term vision: The internet is the layer0. Blockchains are a layer1. Tokens and Digital Assets are layer2s. We are the layer3 that allows layer4 protocols to create new digital assets derivatives. Our protocol will allow greater interoperability, and more utility to all digital assets (NFTs). Integrating with our layer will be a necessity for every NFT provider if they want to compete with other collections/games etc. NFT collections and games that are integrated in our ecosystem will create great utility.

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