👨‍💻Creating a Decentralised Digital Economy

Greater Interoperability = Greater financial innovation = Greater financial freedom

We imagine a world where In-game/Metaverse assets are utilised to innovate and create new financial products that never existed before. We would like to create an environment where open innovation happens easily. We would like to get our community not only in governance, but also in building the new decentralised digital economy. This is why our commitment to our community is very important. We will develop new models of engagement that go beyond simple governance.

In the decentralised digital economy, different ecosystems will be able to interact and be interoperable much easier. This will allow the creation of new business models and financial instruments. Here is a few examples of what greater interoperability between NFT and DeFi can create:

  • NFT pricing: If we can determine the revenues that an NFT asset can yield, it is a lot easier to create pricing models. This will bring true utility to digital assets and lessen speculation in the market. There will be a clear difference between assets that are capable of generating revenue, and those that are not;

  • Efficient assets markets: When assets have accurate pricing models, the market becomes efficient. Arbitrage opportunities can come out of it. Different data analysis and data science tools become more available to trade these assets. This brings bigger and structured capitals. Most capital needs clear and precise risk management tools to get deployed;

  • Creating new financial products: Efficient markets making it possible to develop accurate models will allow for new financial products to emerge. Users and innovators should have the tools to create and develop new digital assets derivatives. We would like to provide those tools.

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